Great country don’t produce great men. Great men are always in opposition to great countries because in the eyes of God great men possess a servant spirit. One that serves God and man. I often wonder which government is more suitable for the spirit of the Antichrist. That spirit who so cleverly rule over us. That spirit uses every nation to accomplish its own agenda. That spirit who sought to befriend Christ at His own crucifixion’s trial. Saying, “don’t you know that I have the power to set you free” That spirit who can only exercise the limited power that God has allowed it as the world governing body. Even then the spirit of the Antichrist is gone out in the world. You would think that it is out there beyond our borders but it is right here in our minds. That spirit that no longer need us or our countries in this Information Age when knowledge is increasing. That spirit who controls the language of the scribes and Pharisees.

While we squabble among the nations only to retreat within ourselves in wake of our fragmented souls and political views.

So easy we forget the the Gospel Of Jesus is the only salvation for a servants heart. To which we are rendered ‘shit holes’. From the shit holes of life and the ghettos Nazareth God sends his messenger. In the spirit of John The Baptist and even Jesus Christ Himself. I am proud to be a descendant of shit holes because I can smell the victory. I didn’t know that ‘Shit’ could mean so much.



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