No one who prays will disagree that prayer is like stealth warfare. The highlight of our arm force engaging our enemies seemingly from out of no where.

There is a lot happening when we pray. Releasing the request of a warriors command in heaven and on earth. Daniel prayed in the window. Big things comes in small packages as one sends a thousand to flight and two ten thousands. Commanding angles in the army of God echoed, thy kingdom come thy will be done. The question is not what’s in your wallet? But rather who’s in your closet.

Years ago when prayer was all we had. We even prayed for the dog when it got sick. Now I take her to the vet on membership. Same faith but a little less time in personal combat. Comes a time a man has to walk in prayer contrary to what’s popular.

Trivializing the importance of prayer the name of Jesus becomes fashionable and vain. A moment of silent is well said, when lust is a delicacy to the apple of our eyes.

The word Jesus and God is not mentioned in the Lord’s Prayer.

His example to pray reminds me of a modern day pilot flying stealth. All the capabilities of the plane is without use if the pilot is not at one with the craft. The same way we pray at one with God and man.

Flying faster than the speed of sound technology merged with human flesh. Unless those days were shortened no flesh would be saved. Creating signs and wonders they lay claim to the messiah. Like Pharaoh chasing Moses, it’s personal between the God of heaven and the god of this world. When faith is exhausted the promise of God holds true. To the point of no return we cross from the abyss into the promise land.

Prayer is steadfast that whatsoever we ask the Father in Jesus name we shall have. As simple as that, or is it?

There is a lot that goes on behind the scene of a successful prayer campaign. A healthy appreciation for the death and resurrection of Jesus ignites and fire up the engines. Being able to recall your point of entry into the army of God is a good start. If you haven’t been through the orientation of being born again then you are not ready to engage the enemy.

Many people I know is reluctant to engage God in prayer because the enemy has them in sight. locked, load and ready to strike at whim. Mockingly asking, Jesus I know but who are you?

Giving our heart to Christ is an unforgettable experiences. Grafted into the kingdom of God by Christ on a Limb of prayer.

‘Father I know you hear me but I say it loud so that others may believe that you sent me.’

Sincerity in prayer will attract attention no matter who we are or why we pray. Vain repetitious jargons are not very engaging at all. Praying is so precise that when we don’t how to pray the Holy Spirit of God enters in and prays for us in the kingdom of God.