The Book Of The Reader

No one can but a definite timeline on the book of Job. Mind boggling for anyone searching for truth in history. It’s timeless in all the ages even today. The story of Job is our reality. Casting bread upon the waters for God to remember our labor of love.

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Then there are those who the blessings of the Lord has overtaken. Feeding thousands with plenty left over for wasteful wantonness. Creating a haven for evil spirits, until by one man’s sacrifice the Son Of God writes the final chapter. With a crown of thrones upon His Head He closed the chapter and said ‘it is finish.’

Have you consider my servant Job’ the book reads tauntingly. How can I get to him was and still is the frustrated reply. Which is more of a statement than a question. The sacrifices of Job formed a hedge around his life. Like the blood stain body of Jesus, died to protect us from all evil. There is a hedge between the devils outside and He that is within. Greater is He that is within than He that is in the world.

What can they do to an angry man who sin’s not. Whose weapons are not carnal but spiritual to pull down the strong holds. This too is more a statement than a question. Blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed and blessed is He who comes on the name of the Lord.

So on the outside we curse and die by our misfortunes and on the inside we are alive and full of Joy. The Joy of the Lord is our strength, considering the ills we encounter. The god of this world has constructed a hedge around itself. Planted by the love of money which is the root of all evil. He has taken our land our families, inflicting the nations with all manner of diseases, like unto Job. The lands are quaking in various places. The winds and the rain are turbulent. Huffing and puffing like angry wolfs the message of fools proclaims that we curse God and die. With heart felt desires we live in enmity against God. Who will escape that whore of Babylon. Things continue as they have since the days of Job says the family and friends on social media. Oh retched man that I am, like dogs returning to its own vomit. Babylon have fallen in one day and the merchant ships are anchored off shore. Who will save is from ourselves? The Lord strong and mighty. Behold! if I make my bed in hell the Lord is there to save me from myself.

The latter days will be even greater than I can imagine. The book of the reader is no private answer as we presumed ourselves to be. We are the embodiment of a man, the Son of God. Who is worthy to open the book and to open the seals. Of such a man who can contain Him. Like a lose cannon firing at will and having mercy on whomsoever He will. The book of the reader who can write it?
And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.
This too is more a statement than a question from the book of the reader.



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