Who would have thought that in such short time we could have revolutionized the world with technology for the common man. Wasn’t long ago the common man had no entitlement in the pride of life except to suffer like vagabonds. We went from horse and buggy to self driving cars as a feature. From ownership to pay as you go for every available service. The law of the jungle made lawless in the end of the age.

Talk of the one percenters with the exception the on seen ones above measuring. A conquest imagined and perfected by software programming. Modeling itself after Christ whose faith is beyond measure. One step forward and two step backward Modern man revisit Jericho to preserve themselves. Because the law of the jungle is a relic of the pass where the word of God is a walk about.

China selling used cars based on a car US modeling as Hong Kong builds cargo ships based on an old world law of supply and demand for the rich and powerful. Whose motto was the sun won’t set on its territory. Bob Morley sings ‘he who fights and run away will live to fight on another day.’

Won’t be long it will cost more to buy used than new for climate control philosophy. The uninformed will pay top dollar for the pride of life. Driving fancy old cars in big city slums looking for grace where there was none. Paying top dollar for outdated medication when salvation is the only remedy. Racial discrimination has lost its value so bottoms up in a sailors language. We ate we drank and now we die running for fools gold.

Wisdom will always be better than gold with a merchandise far above rubies. Inevitably we stretch our hands to the tree of life. A cashless society right under our high held nose. For the price of peace we surrender our souls to the Beast who has non of its own. With audacity imagined we searched for stars above the stars of God who changeth not In judgement. If the angels were fallen for tripping on then we are the manifestation of that disaster.



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