God’s And Mommon

God’s And Mammon

Can a man serve two masters at the same time? Will we not love one and and be treasonous to the other. A rich man with good morals according to the standards of the Ten Commandments wanted to have eternal life. He wanted to be a Christian even before we were called Christians. No doubt a visionary ahead of Himself. Jesus had surrounded himself with the poor saying, men must be like children to inherit the kingdom of heaven. The young man had lots of money and wanted to inherit internal life. Putting himself in position to rule the tribes of Israel would be his political position.

If we had a choice between a rich man posing to be Christ and a poor man following after Christ, who would we choose. God can make a poor man who follow Christ rich but a rich man will often want a partnership in the works of God. It is hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God but not impossible with God. Nothing is impossible for God except lying and rich men will lie in the name of good business men.



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