Patience is Virtue, Mmhm.

Patience is a Virtue.

A virtuous person knows how to exercise patience. To say that patience is virtue is condescending without thought. Who wants to wait when the expectancy is so overwhelming. Tension high, salvation mouthwatering and emotions confused. Many times we confess as did the prophet Simeon, ‘now that I have seen thy salvation let your servant die in peace… and the angels sang, peace on earth goodwill to men.


John the Baptist the forerunner of Christ, peaching repentance for the remission of sin. Reluctantly he baptized Jesus for the fulfillment of scripture as Jesus commands. Patience is virtue so what are you waiting for?

By the law of Moses Mary the mother of Jesus had to wait forty days for the purification process after having a baby. If Jesus was a girl it would have been eighty days. Patience is virtuous when the heart is right.


Are we there yet?

Peace on earth and good luck with that. We outa here.

See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

Patience is listed in the fruit of the Spirit.

With diligence we work and we wait for the coming of the Lord. The day is coming yea it’s already here when the works of faith would have exhausted the patience of God. There the fruit of the spirit and the gifts of the spirit are characterized together in Jesus Christ.

Bible Story:

It was the end of the age and Jesus was a newborn baby. According to the law of Moses He was taken to the temple forty- days after His birth for the dedication of the first born and the purification of His mother. There they met the last of the prophets Anna and Simeon. Who were waiting for the savior of the world. Recognizing Jesus they did diligence and bless the savior prophesied. For more than two thousands years Israel is still waiting for the savior of Israel. Who said that patience is virtue? They are Identical waiting for the Messiah but only one is fit for the masters table. Mmhm.

Imagine two elderly prophets who have been waiting in Jerusalem for the coming of Jesus. Being the last of the prophetic age it must have been exhausting waiting for the birth of Jesus Christ. The Forty-days old savior of the world whose ministry would not have began for another thirty-three years, warmed their hearts.

Patience is virtue for them who awaits the second coming of Christ.

This generation is the last of our kind.

Creation groans for the dispensation of man.

Patience is a virtue when we run the race set before us. This race is not for the swift but for who endured to the end.

He is coming soon and we who are prepared will rest in the peace of God.




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