Jesus Blessed

The world looks at the church of God and recognized it by the love we have one for the other.

When The churches looks at the world, we see each other competing for the treasures of the world. A false sense of blessing by the self proclaimed god of the of the world can be referenced in Genesis 3:6.

Jesus sees us out of many languages and nations that have been converted to the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. As John preached repentance for the remission of sins, Jesus died to make it happen. Building His church in the process. We are blessed to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

It’s impossible to have a relationship with Jesus without passing through the ministry of John the Baptist. Having that experience will lead to having a relationship with Jesus. Not to exclude water baptism but a good relationship with Jesus is to be blessed of God. He alone is the fulfillment of every law we practice. But after all, the remission of sin can only be granted from within the church of God. By the ministry of John the Baptist, Jesuses crucifixion and resurrection. The love we have for God, ourselves and our neighbor.

Is it just me? every time I’m to be blessed of the world, the world changes. It’s like the last one closed the door with me on the other side. It’s a God thing I’m sure of it. God have kept me in my going out and coming in. In sickness and in health. I attribute it all to my relationship with Jesus.



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