Earthly Things

Tree Of Life

Earthly things are now understood From the basic instinct to survive the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Thinking from the perspective that life is forever.

Like icing on a cake we cream the delicacy.

In desperation we cry wolf till there is no

water to quench our thirst.

Nor food to satisfy this hunger.

Then Jesus came earthly as we are to die by that knowledge of good and evil.

Not good over evil as we struggle to survive.

But by the life of Christ and the name of Jesus we stretch for everlasting life.

So is that the way of mankind

continually earthy.

From the first cry of a new born to the timely death of old, we search for the good in us.

The way of Christ Jesus is to the tree of everlasting life.

Spoken from the evil in us, naked we came and naked we are buried in our Sunday’s best.

To replenish the kingdom of heaven

where the love ones feed from the tree of Life.



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