Do What You Do

….rulers of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling.

….Kiss His Son,…

Personally I believe that Judas love Jesus. No one ever spent personal time with Jesus walked away hating Him. Except for those who are threatened by His authority. From a personal perspective Judas had to satisfy his own pernicious mind.

Don’t we all do what we believe whole heartedly.

Even as we perish from our misguided way.

Jesus said,

“Not all of you (us) are clean.”

I have set you an example so that you should do as I have done for you.

No servant is greater than his master

If you know me and do me you’ll be blessed.

When I was a child I spoke as a child.

Now that I am a man I put away childish things. Once a nan and twice a child.

Only to grow in wisdom and wish we could go back and change a few things.

On less we change and become as humble as a little child we will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

A direct reference to God being a proud and faithful Father of us all.

True love burns an evil heart.

So Judas died with a broken heart.

Scripture fulfilled is happening quickly.

The conscious believer say,

The stage is set for the an Antichrist.

Rome has exhausted itself in the of the corners of world.

As Babylon rise greater in the way of peace and love.

Exchanging hatred for tolerance and world peace.

The eye of the world is on the elites.

With regards greater than God.

Immigrants trample across borders as refugees from distant lands.

Their collective voices echoes for mercy.

We feed and wash our own bodies

without consideration of Christ.

With patronizing praise and lame sacrifices we have no remembrance of Him stripped down to wash the dust off our feet.

Who among us capable of such evil.

Boasting the best of God’s favor.

“The one who shares My bread has lifted up his heel against Me.

I Am the bread of life.

…whoever receives the one I send receives Me, and whoever receives Me receives the One who sent Me.”

Will God use an evil man for good?

Or a good man for evil?

He uses us all in the fulfillment of scripture.

An evil man for the good of the land.

A good man for the Good of heaven.

Much like the story of Judas, the sons of perditions are doing what they must.

Wealth is sufficient and a just reward.

But the poor will always be with us.

Pay homage to the Son or He will be angry and you will perish in your rebellion, for His anger may ignite at any moment. All those who take refuge in Him are happy.



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