Till I Come


Even as in the days of old,

The separatist concluded the Word of God.

Touch not the unclean thing or be dammed to death.

So we cross sides to avoid the contaminants.

Erecting flags of bigotry in fear of dying.

With Walls for worship, we hide behind steeples.

Concealing idols of men with the voices of angels.

Preaching a gospels of their own identity.

Grumbling catch phrases that if God spare the unclean city?

He then must apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah, never mind Lots wife.

Segregation is at it’s worst every worship day.

We mingled and entertains ourselves by the rivers of Babylon.

Here in this new days of old, the Word of the Lord concludes.

Let the Weed and the wheat grow together.

Until I come to separate them.

Because you of yourself falsely concluded,

The heart of another is unlike your own.

Concluded by the colored skin or nation of origin.

But I, said the Lord of old and the new! Concludes the heart of everyone, of every nation and language.

My Word old confirms the new.

In every nation and language my sheep hears my voice and will follow no other.

Standing still, naked and afraid.

Thus says the Lord of host, in conclusion,

Occupy till I come.



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