Esau! Esau! Yes Jacob

The rituals children play.

Beneath the starry night’s moon, the street light.

Those days are gone with a Ricochet.

The fountain of youth taken flight.

For the love of God we reside,

Babies born on either side.

Eluding law, one grabbed the other

Crossing matrix’s right to master.

Esau! Esau! yes Jacob?

Hide and seek is game for cubs.

By trickery, no lie the law conceded.

And two nations were concluded.

A balanced life is a narrowing circle.

As babies are perfect in the cradle.

A bullish cattle’s pen

separates the children.

Unto us a child was born

a parable without law.

Suffering not the trashing corn,

Neither height nor depth can separate the love between Jacob and Esau.


Sun down in north Florida

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