Grandma’s Hug

I love bike riding I do,

my favorite pass time.

Creative writing too,

I rhyme.

The friends I meet,

So sweet.

Reminds then,

A child again.

My dad’s bike called Sea King,

Every day I rode that thing.

South to the junction

Grandmas or Auntie is my notion.

I rode, I write what I hear,

The junction is near.

Or will I lose track

For a commentary act.

Left to grandma cuddling hug.

Go right to aunties drink jug.

Swiped my hand to dry my eye,

Oh Grandma my throat is dry.

So much to say of a commentary

What I think is momentary.

What I hear is her voice

Grandma’s hug, my choice.


is #5 on the Going Down album.

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