Bag Lady

Bag Lady is the video of a song I posted on Facebook. Me singing the songwriters version on iPhone.

I like to read and follow artist who is able to compose what they hear and is inspired to produce a work for others experience. Always ready to give an answer for their source of inspiration. Inspiration comes in many forms. From God who will validate our work of art and from our own temptation that leads to our own devices. Click my Facebook link and enjoy my post. It is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate and access my videos on Facebook so good luck with that. My hope is that you will be as inspired as I in am to share and navigate through our ever changing times. God who changes not according to reason or the lack there of.

Speaking to ears that hears beyond reason is a walk of faith. Because within the confines of rational thinking, faith is a way beyond what we already know to be true. Rational thinking trails in the path of others who walks by faith and not by sight.