Mama’s Boy


‘Mama’s Boy’

They say that Mary was sixteen when she berth Jesus. That at age twelve He ran off from His mama to hang out with the priest in the synagogue and that they were amazed at His knowledge of the Law at twelve year old. Yet still He had to grow in wisdom, cause mama don’t play dat.

He got a scolding from His mom for leaving the caravan, worrying her half to death, thinking that she had lost the Son of God. Can you imagine traveling on a train, turn around and your child’s gone missing.. of all the things she must have pondered in her heart concerning the birth of Christ. Leaving Him unattended must have been very traumatic. And where was Joseph, what was he doing? By then Jesus knew who His real father was. Humanly speaking, I can imagine the tension in that family, caring for the child King of the Jews.

Fast forward years later in Cana of Galilee. Life is good, people are marrying and are being given in marriage. They went to a wedding feast to start with according to Christians that was a precursor to end with.

This is where Jesus was skeptical about the beginning His work as Christ, the Son of God. He said, my hour is not yet come. No doubts He must have remembered How zealous He was at twelve years old about His Father’s business. So much might have happen since then. Bible says He grew in wisdom, which is much more tedious than the study of information. Certainly such a calling had to be more dramatic.

So you are smart, now what? It’s either a regurgitating of what you have learned or the application of Wisdom to what you already know.

This is how this universe was created Accor to Proverbs 24:3-4 – By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. I be feeling precious and pleasant today, don’t you?

I would like to elaborate on what my father said when I enquired as a child in our Jamaican dialect. ‘Daddy, a weh God from?’ This is about Mama’s Boy so I’ll summarize the answer of a man that I have never heard pray or took me to church. He said, if I could calculate a projectory back in time and if you find Abram, you are headed in the right direction. Of course if he was a church going man, he would have said, God is from heaven. My thought is, if God is from heaven? then we should pray to the heaven that contains God. Or, expand or concept of who, what and where God is. The answer is simple, God is Spirit and we involuntarily worship in spirt and in truth or not. The Spirit knows the things of the spirit. Well that was longer than I expected about daddy. God bless daddy, may he Rest In Peace.

So yea, Mary and Jesus went to a wedding party. All the wine was finish and Mama said to her son, make some more. In a general term for women He said, remembering how upset she was the last time He tried to walk in the authority of the Son of God. He rebuked her sharply in a Jamaican dialect. woman! ‘Wadat hafi do widmi’ Mi time no come yet.’ Well you go Jesus. My mama would have said, I brought you here and I can take you out! No she wouldn’t I just said that for kicks.

Ignoring Him she commanded the servants, do what He tell’s them to do. He said to the servants I imagine in an irate manner. ‘ we’ll just don’t stand there! go fill the pots up with water. So does He disrespect Mama or does He turn water into wine by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit . Ready or not that was the start of A Father and Sons business called Salvation. Predicted throughout the ages of time by the Spirit of God.

When a man or a woman goes walking in the Spirit, they seldom know of it until they look back and see God in their own personal life.

My mama was an accomplished social worker in the community. Who became a die hard Christian herself long after daddy died. That makes me a Mama’s Boy.


Mamadear & Me in the Mirror

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