Life Beyond Doctrines

There was once a man from Galilee, who became the most famous man ever lived on Earth. His name was Jesus. Believe by Christians to be the Son of God because of the history of His birth. He lived by the law of the Old Testament and is responsible for the age of grace.

He taught us how to live beyond the law. › …Web resultsHebrews 6 NIV – Therefore let us move beyond the – Bible Gateway

Beyond the norms of sex and violence, blessings and cursing there is a rest in God not influenced by man’s knowledge of himself. The Son of man demonstrated to us the knowledge of recognizing God in our spirit. With the confidence of being also the Sons of God, Jesus often expressed Himself as both in a single sentence. A trait not governed by any known law or person. Except for the fact that as a people believing in Jesus we now can ask whatsoever we will of the Father in His name. If you are a believer you should take advantage of that benefit. You have not because you ask not and when you do you ask selfishly.

The law does not apply itself to a righteous man. Because He lived the life the law intended by nature. He is a law unto himself, doing things by nature that the law was mediated to do. Yet He was accused of impersonating the law that He Himself wrote as Lord God of Israel. Knowing to do good and Do-Eth It Not (Sorry) and a willful refusal to act on a personal convictions. To you it is sin. How be it some will not enter into that rest.

Yokes of bondage cannot activate the freedom of a personal worship with our Creator. The garden experience proved that and a vision of redemption provided the law. Without which we ourselves had no guilt of sin. Now for the betterment of conforming to the image of the Son of God, even the the ground is cursed as we endure the curse of the law.

Be not equally yoked with unbelievers because how can two walked together unless they agree. That statement of advice is not about who we marry if we so choose because the believing spouse sanctifies the marriage. Just as Christ sanctifies us. If we so choose.

Two men working in a field, one is chosen above the other. Selected to become kings and priest unto our God and we shall reign the earth.

…Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, 6And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever….

There is a place in God for the righteous because every king has a queen and a kingdom. Every kingdom has its subjects. It would appears presumptuous for mortals to inherit the kingdom of God but there is a vacancy. Voided and vacant by fallen angels in heaven and that will be filled by mortal men, changed immortal faster that you can blink. Jesus came and is gone to prepare us a place in heaven. Which comes with the responsibility to instruct angels. I would imagine on how to worship God beyond the yoke of bondage called law. The implication of that is unimaginable to us now. This we will do if God permit.

The sabbaths day is more than a day of worship. It is symbolic of entering into a state of rest beyond obedience to law. A perfect and pure state of being as a beneficiary to the life of Jesus Christ. As the Word declares, to the pure all things are pure. Purified at the cross of Jesus. According to Hebrews six one to three, there is life beyond the doctrine of faith. Within which there is nothing hypocritical to God or man.


Under the Umbrella Of Love

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