Church Folks

Impressed in spirit that the good we do comes from the church. At face value that is more than I imagined of the gifts and talents that provide usury for the works of God.

I’m not fearful, but I get the chills on a good day. Knowing well that the day of judgement will provide an accurate account of love in the first degree.

Realize I trivialize the civilized.

A popular identifying statement of the church states that you are the church and I am too. An open door without being judge-mental is not so simple to do. It is better to claim a supportive role to that massive organism under construction than to boast ourselves more perfect than the it. Being under construction in every generation and more perfect than the last. Even by the standard of the money changer God finds usury.

The church is perfect but nighter you or I can lay claim to perfection in of ourselves. It is a perfect organism whose maker and builder is God.

Abraham was confidently looking forward to a city with eternal foundations, a city designed and built by God.

To which a Christian can only support with our own personal gifts and talents. Having faith in the works of God the Father who sent us His Son. To be the chief corner stone and His disciples/apostles the foundation. Built up in Christ, decorated with countless individuals doing what we do to the glory of God.



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