The Church Of God

Most people that makes it their business to bicker about God and the church will always walk away feeling sorry for themselves. Then there are those who speaks in edification of the Church Of God.

So! Seeing that Abram paid tithe to Melchizedek and afterwards as Abraham became desirous of a city. For he looked for the city which has the foundations, whose builder and maker is God.

Many in faith gives to our charity of choices without a specific church affiliation. It is reasonable correct for me to believe that in the order of Melchizedek the church is like unto a city on a hill not made by human hands. Especially during a pandemic when social distancing sheds light on the church whose maker and builder is Jesus Christ.

If so? Then the next time you tithe, which is different from making an offering of sacrifice. Recognize the king of peace who is your Lord and savor. If you don’t recognize Him then keep making that offering until you can see, hear and walk in that beautiful city not made by human hands. You will have given of ourself from that peaceful place within affectionately known as Salem. Oh how I love to break bread in that city whose maker and builder is God.

The wealthiest giver gives out of their lack knowing that a rich man’s poverty is a poor man lack.

Have you ever seen that city on a hill whose maker and builder is God? Who is that person that stands in agreement with God you in God. They may or may not be a member of your own household because a man’s foe is that of his own household. Each person takes that journey of their own will.

That passer by along the way who recognized God in you. That friend you haven’t seen in years but the conversation transcends time and space at the gate of that beautiful city not made by human hands. That place of peace where the world cannot enter. That place which moves like the wind blows upon the earth and no man can direct it’s course, from where it comes and where it goes. That mighty rushing wind that walks on the voice of praise and worship. Of men, women, boys and girls. Singing praying, crying, laughing in the Holy Spirit. God bless the ones who suffers the most for the sake of Christ. Stretched without the convenience of fellowship.

The voice of God calls from that ancient city not made by human hands. Whose kingdom is like the kingdom of heaven. Where were you? serving in that city whose builder and maker is God.

That solemn spirit of a man on solitary knees praying in holiness. So full and totally submerged from within that city not made by human hands.

Check out the audio, most likely the time lapse was accidentally activated. Wooo, eerie.



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