The Value of Faith

How can anyone measure their faith in God? Faith that comes by hearing, hearing the word of God. If anyone lacks faith there is more for the asking. Faith is not for sale on the open market.

Jesus was in the temple teaching, observed a poor widow’s giving and made a judgement to the more affluent giving.

His intention was to speak on the value system of God. Noted that a faithful giving is worth more to God than the accumulated net worth of the rich. The poor widow gave out of lack whereas the rich gives out of their abundance. They both gave but the giving of the poor is worth more to God when measured by faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God in every sense of the word. It can become systematic or habitual to give one dollar out of ten to God but to give your last two pennies says more of faith because the widow could have kept a mite for herself. Instead she invested all she had into the kingdom of heaven valuing God more than money.

His teaching took a turn from the faithful poor in comparison the faithless rich as His disciples and confidants were more interested in asking, when will this new age of begins? When will the wealth of the poor widows mites be established?

His teaching in the temple was an open forum for asking questions. Today we call it a zoom meeting. That’s a great stock option but what if the power goes out more often than it does. Today the power went out here at home and for a thousand customers. We all scrambled for the Hot Spot feature.

A mite is the smallest in value of a Roman coin, if that means anything. Today you can purchase one for around….. you’ll have to look that up. The message behind the coin remains constant.

Jesus said, you have to wait for it. You have to wait for it. Measured the faith of the world by the lively hood of the rich man’s fancy adornments. How impressed the temples are. Speaking of God without faith as Jerusalem comes under the influence of gentiles societies in total chaos nature ravages the economic system of the world. All the faithful are hated even more for the teachings of Jesus Christ. It’s only the beginning of the end and many are so eager to see it through. Some want to leave well enough alone in our self righteous state. Then there are those whose faith is maxed out in the word. The resilience of man can only be compared to that of God’s redemptive plan.

In accordance to your faith the question is, what is the value of your livelihood.


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