C-conscience can make us

O- objective to know good and evil.

N-Nevertheless ,

S-some things we crave

C-caused doubt

I-in our minds.

E-Entertaining both good and bad.

N-No one except Christ

C-can destroy the

E-evil of our minds.

Many times in mediation the Spirit comes without utterance of languages by example I heard,

‘Shadrach, me shack, and a Bendigo.’

No! no that’s not it. Even if I repeated till you hyperventilate, it still wouldn’t be the utterance of a heavenly language.

Lord is that you I asked? Cause I do know the story of Daniel and his friends.

(Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)

The voice of thunder whisperers in Spirit. It is the times of Daniel’s life in your life.

Lord, I don’t eat right because I don’t have access to organic foods.

There is nothing good here to eat in this part of the world.

It was then after many days at spermatic times the Word of truth came to my understanding of scripture.

‘Milk is for babies, Meat is for the matured.’ By example, the freedom of having personal integrity with God versus the rewards a first class economy.

It is not that we do or that we don’t in servitude to God. It is that of a sincere conscience toward God that we obtain mercy. A personal integrity of truth that sets us free. If Christ sets us free we are indeed free.