Reasons to Believe

I at times encounter a nonbeliever asking for proof for having faith in God by the teachings of Jesus. I would reply, I can’t that’s why it is Faith to believe. What would a doubtful mind receive if not more doubtfulness?

Death and taxes is for certain. All you have to do is be alive to know that fact, it’s a given. The best things are the simple things usually taken for granted. The most verse or educated man marvels at the autonomous trying to replicate its functions and understanding life. The Earth and the fullness of it belongs to God. They are so tightly knitted together, who can separate them. Can you trouble the Pool Of Bethesda without a ripple effect. All anyone has to do is get in as the angel troubles your waters. It’s easier to walk on water than to swim in it. If anyone thinks that they know, they know not as they should. The kingdom heaven in the Earth is like unto the attitude of an obedient child.

Jesus is so well known and easily defined. We love Him for the work He did. Appeasing God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for more time before humans destroy the Earth. Then God will destroy them who destroyed the Earth even as the temple was torn a the passing of Jesus.

He is everything for giving His life for the sins of the world. All you have to do is be born of a woman to have that hope and be born again of His Spirit. That’s both much easier said than done.

The transition of a pregnant woman I compare to the sanctifying of the soul.

You are totally separated with one single desire. The demanding process of bringing life from a sin sick body.

Jesus is well loved, accepted and accredited for feeling happy and full of joy inside and out. He is well identified for blessings and honor. We His body and church believe Him to be the only hope of the world. He came out of God, born of a woman with the acquired knowledge of sinful man yet without sin. The life of a man painted on the backdrop of the of His true personality gives me hope and faith to believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God.

His work speaks for Itself. His authoritative references to God as His Father verified by His manipulation of science and biology. Yet never for personal use. Except for walking on water, paying taxes and walking away from His own grave. Everything else is a given. There is a new and glorious Earth coming, wherein is total righteousness. A world without sin or even the knowledge of it, Amen.



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