Goo Goo Ga Ga



A parent looks in the face of the child with joy saying, Goo-goo Gaga. Oshawa-aazhawe boo which (You can determine your own translation that best describe your little one) reads like a scene from a Halloween movie. Where the new born flops it’s arm and feet as if trying to swim away from its mothers unusual gesture.

Baby learns to smile and cry as the journey begins this living soul comes to know the love of God. Resting in the everlasting arms of God.

Little Children

Goo-goo Gaga says more of love than words can say. Still we hastened the process to learn the language we speak. There remains a rest for the people of God to which we come as little children. The kingdom of heaven is as little children. Loving instinctively from cradle to grave. The haven of its mother’s womb to the realities of life on Earth. So sad a baby is born lacking the examples of true love.

The love of God is a safe place to be. A leap of faith that fans the flame of love between God and man. Praying that the hardship of this life will not consume the joy of living.

There is much to say for and against Pro-life. Sad when a mother think it best to stifle the life within her. To relinquish herself from the process of the gift of life.

The Birth

Unto us a child is born and His name is Jesus. Like Moses He was given for the hope of survival. A mother’s love can be so unpredictable who can judge her sacrifice. She’ll do the unthinkable to protect her children. Moses mother was Jochebed, not many knows her name. She was his mother as well as his auntie. A Hebrew woman living in slavery in Egypt before the exodus. She was the daughter of a Levite.

She made an ark of her own and sent her infant son Moses down the river of life. Relying on the commonality of a woman’s love to the glory of her children. The child is the glory of its mother. The mother is the glory of its father and the father is the glory of God. Not necessarily in that order by the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.


With her last measure of hope in God she trusted her instincts against the decree of barbarous men. To become the primary care taker of her own mosaic child. Moses grew up in the world of Egypt but not of Egypt. Aborted from the life he knew Moses was banished alone and exiled to the sands of the desert. Presumably to die.

Reflections of Messiah

Moses reminds me of Jesus the Messiah who like Moses was sent into this world but not of this world. To become the savior of the world. Banished from the world Like Moses, like Jesus we anticipate the promise. That the child will be kings and priest unto God. And we shall reign the Earth.

‘It’s hard on a pimp.’

Men of Earth have lost their God given right to rule and protect as God rule and protects His children from the barbaric rule of Law. Which is nothing more than Goo Goo Ga Ga! to a righteous man.


What Love God has for the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Sent Him down the River of life for the hope of the world. Would Abba ask anything that He Himself have not sanctioned or sacrificed? For that reason we worship the Lamb of God. The ram in the bush. Caught in the thorns of life. Sacrifice with thorns on His crown as it is written at the Crossing of His life, here lies king of the Jews. Antisemitism at its worst.


Forsaken and alone, ransomed for the children of God Jesus gave up the ghost, ‘into your hands I commit my Spirit.’ Still here we are today living in and of the soul of Jesus Christ. The supernatural world of the living and the dead knows the authoritative name of Jesus in any language. Like the magnetic pull of a giant planet, the universe and all that is consist by Him. He is high and lifted up.

To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.

Little Children

When all else fails we come as little children into the kingdom of Heaven. Although His Word is as Goo-goo Gaga to ears that hear and the blind who sees the delightful voice of God summarized here in this post. Goo Goo Gaga. Still we wonder as John The Baptist asking, Lord are you the promise or is there another?

Abba smothered His children with kisses and tears of joy, Sprinkled with love like an ice cream cone with toppings from the corners of this world. In the silent expression of an infant child we stretch our hands and kick our feet in anticipation of God. That unconditional love our Father is muddled up in the political decree of men. Men who cannot see or hear the language of heaven. To them it is meaningless words of Goo-goo GaGa.

In the memory of the children who never was and shall always be in the presence of God.