People Planet Prosperity.

I recall the meeting of the twelve in the Upper Room. Contrasting with with the G20 in Italy.

If Jesus was invited I imagine His saying, ‘what you do do it quickly.’ Stop dragging your feet about it.

Not one word of prophecy will be ignored. The Stars of God will never be subordinate to the stars of the world.

Contrary to popular belief, God will destroy them who destroys the Earth.

Never said anything about saving those who tries to saves the Earth. That’s the benefit of salvation.

The president of America went to see the Pope and was affirmed to be a good Catholic and to keep going to confession.

Russia and China stayed home and attended the G20 remotely. When it comes to climate change or staying the hand of God, the poorer nations wants the richer to put their money where their money is.

Even now the ships are stranded at sea with merchandise aboard as the trucks are parked empty.

The virus pandemic is being replaced by a financial virus as China’s monopoly and defaults raises the price of goods and whatsoever is done in secret is coming to light according to scripture.

The change of currency is an open door to digital or a cashless societies of the world. The average man invest in hope of making millions. Him who was forgiven his debt will demand payment by scripture reference in full or require the mark of ownership.

The friend of the world is a subject of the Man of Sin. Him who is not for him is against him.

A friend of Jesus is not a friend of the man of sin and will be denied the opportunity to conduct business and transactions.

The implication of all these current events is according to the fulfillment of biblical scriptures. The Anaconda tightens it’s grip with every struggle as the victims cry, ‘I can’t breathe! Mamma!



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