Good Faith

I was motivated to write this post by a fellow blogger.
An example of faith, for a working man.

Commanded to work as unto the Lord… which makes a honest days work for a not so honest days pay a ministry in itself for a working man. There we encounter all sorts of spirts on the job.
Professing Christian judging by a man or woman working as unto the Lord. Ostracized and rejected for not stealing time. Regarded as stupid and for obvious reasons.
Then the backsliding Christian whose own conversation is deadly to the soul. I could go on and on about the persecutions of a faith in action.

As I look back I can see the many rewards for having a personal faith in God. Having peace with God is to be targeted and sought after by faith with works.

Some years ago we took in a homeless mother with children for the night. She was working the streets for a living and we couldn’t pass her by. We packed her a bag from our closet that night before bed. Couldn’t help but notice the following morning the bag was much heavier than the night before. She was up early and ready to go and we pretended not to notice. I even packed the car to take her back down town.
My closet is full again but this time I’ll take it to GoodWill.

The best way to see the evidence of faith is to look back at the things we hoped for and have received by having faith. The things we have acquired without faith tends to be a little heavy as time goes by.


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