Truth About Truth

This is for entertainment purposes so I’m I am not responsible for what you get out of this post.

A truthful person will always keep a promise. Will do what they said they will do and nothing else or nothing at all. Him who makes a lie will be true to their own lies till they have come to know the knowledge of the truth and repent of their lies. There is truth in repentance and forgiveness.

If someone finds him or herself saying the same thing or doing the same thing in the same way all there life, they might be living a lie about the truth. Truth progress in having a better understanding of the truth you know. There is freedom in the Truth we know that sets us free. The Truth about trith is ‘who the Son sets free is free indeed’ regardless of how much we don’t fully know and under about Him. When you know more, more is required of you.

God is not a man that He should lie…Although He came to us as a man in the person of Jesus. Subjected to the frailties of man in comparison to the glory He had before the world was. The amazing truth about truth is that we know in part and we speak in part. Truth that are acceptable in order to know the truth. Jesus said, I am the truth the way and the life. Put that all together and you already know the truth about the truth.



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