Girl Power

She requested me to sing a at a fundraiser. I protested. Still she requested me and  so I went up from the audience. For a dollar you could keep me singing or to have me to take a seat. The story of physical life described. The one dollar man. No booing or cheering allowed. Put your money where your mouth is. T’was a fantastic idea for the community fundraiser.

All for fun but I was petrified by her confidence and her obsession to community organization. She had a proposal idea for every grant available. So glad she found Jesus. One never really discovers themselves until you realize that your childhood affirmations can be good or bad for you. Take that with a grain of salt. There will never be another like mother.

My moms last major community endeavor was a drive through ministry. Instead of a burger you can drive up for prayer and there was line. Oh, the stories she told embellished to perfection. I love the one about her belt ministry to young men walking with their pants in their hands. She had everything in her purse, belt included. That little old woman did things to people in the streets with no thought of getting hurt in the process.

At the beginning of her dementia she would repeat,’ when Christ has found you, tell others the story. Mom! Please already, I remember thinking out loud.  She has an addiction for conflict and knew that education was the only remedy for life. You’d have to read the entire Bible to get that revelation. Or, as it reads. We are saved by the blood of Jesus and the Word of our testimony. . Meaning, our salvation depends on telling our very own Christ centeredness.. one only had to meet her once to have her make an imprint in your soul.

An affirmation was that I did such a good job polishing the floors in her room with a handmade coconut brush at age four or five. Being careful not to embolism my own recollection to perfection. Must have taken all day but she was so amused with my effort.

The memory of those early years is a craving for mother’s approvals. To date I have all the Bissell floor care product in my house. A Bissell commercial would would fit perfectly right here. (Space)

An independent musician with a Home Studio and an ear for Classic Reggae. For pennies of a dollar you can buy mediocre music according to popular mainstream. Who cares music is forever. I like songs that a software couldn’t duplicate on it’s own. Songs that are mastered in psalms, as lasting as hymns that connects the generations.

Mother played my father’s guitar and had an accordion for herself. I often wondered where did they find the time to learn.

Fast forward a few years back. I’ve been a senior pastor at a community church of a large organization. Mom came to visit. Naturally I called her up to be introduced. She was so proud with a lengthy testimony that included her favorite poem. That evening at the seven PM service, she raised her own hand to testify. For years after she keeps telling everyone that her son is a pastor with a ministry to the homeless.

I Retired from a famous bread company, I did. I got quit acclimated to wearing a mask as I do now. My wife and children have excelled in their areas of choice. Mom’s no longer here but her influence craves for dominance. That’s girl power.

Imagine a High Jumper training for the Olympics poised to run with pole gripped tightly. Sprinting up up and away. Then in mid flight, mother raises the bar. Mom! Please! Stop doing that already, Gees. Lol

A good vacuum cleaner with all the attachments and a good filter is a must have in every household. I don’t know why I mentioned that. Must be something to do with my mother’s resounding affirmation. Not that I remember her using one. That’s a chore for children and professionals.

My retirement didn’t last very long. Got that call as I was fishing in Florida. ‘Twas to be the floor Care specialist for a major hospital. The steps of a righteous man is guided by the Lord. His ways are higher than our ways by profession. At times I wonder at myself, where are you going with this? Every testimony is a personal one.,Who knows what the hearers hear by the foolishness of preaching.

In my twenties I worked as a sales representative selling the Kirby vacuum and the Hover company at a major department store. Never thought much of that until this blog. The influence of a parent is like having two heads on one shoulder. So it is we honor our parents for a long life. I suppose the opposite is true of dishonor.

In my teens I was a singer guitarist playing reggae in and around the communities of New York City. Mother’s influence was a good reference in the city. Seems like everyone knew her.

Oh, by the way. Did I mention that she established a daycare in Brooklyn New York collecting annually a million dollar grant, give or take.

Mother was not a domesticated woman in a house. The call of community organization was her passion. Her charity extends for generations across borders. He labor of love will be her memorial forever.

We can scan the universe and there are no other planet as fertile as Mother Earth. Might be a new one coming soon a nuff according to St. John vision of the future.

Scan the surface of the moon and see many creators. Some large and faded with smaller impacts all around. Mother Earth seems a safer place thus far. There are a few craters here too so nothing is for certain. If life as we know it can go by way of our known universes, we should be more appreciative of Earth, she takes a licking and keeps on ticking as mothers do.

There is not enough flowers in a garden to reward Moms for the service she provides. Most of which often goes unnoticed. Like a revolving door she keeps her house with youthful strength. Without a strategy or a vision she fortified her home. She is as ageless as time and a mother all by herself to the envy of the gods.

A good woman is the single most prestigious gift taken from a man. She takes of him and double it. Her day is one of few that allows venders to set their tents along the streets, selling gifts to commemorate her day. We can create life in a tube and market the idea. We can hide her behind a vail. She remains more than an incubator for having babies. It’s a sorry ass man that spoils her with flattering words.

Say what you want, but don’t talk about my mamma is a universal phrase and a passage into manhood. Our first and last line of defense is to protect the queen. A child that doesn’t care for their mother will always be a child without a head on their shoulder.

Recently America used a bomb called Moab (mother of all bomb.) How casual we are in her description. Profaning her title at a lost for words. We flatter her days without thought of who she really is. Rejoicing at child birthed in agony of pain. No pain no gain the struggle is real.

Like the mother of Moses, she recognizes something good in her children. The flower of her youth is a garden of love filled with hope. The fruit of her womb is a virtue of hope.

She is the matrix of every spirit. Her price is above rubies as she fortifies and raises children with wisdom she survive the best she knows. There is no law against that in my book. Say what you want about fathers but moms are off limits.

The daughters of Noah preserved our blood line. Who can judge them? Not drunken Noah. God’s creation is embedded with fail safe security measures by understanding. The works of evil in no more than a place to rest his feet. A foot stool according to scripture. Sarah gave birth to Isaac in her old age. Laughing disparity’s at their potency. Her pregnancy was as miraculous as Mary, mother of Jesus. Then there is Rebecca, mother of Israel. For the prosperity of her own future and the bloodline of the promise, she lied to her husband under the authority of God’s Word. Risking the penalty of a curse to herself. That’s girl power. I feel the Spirit coming on, preach pastor!! Lol.

The call to mother is a tasty fruit from the tree of life. Jochebed mother of Moses surrendered him to his own enemy in hope saving his life. Only a mother of mothers imagined a slave in the comforts of his master’s house. Tehe! Hi! Hi! Ha!Ha! The servant is not greater than their master so choose this day who you serve. Not by might or by power but by the Spirit of God working the works of Christ.

A man can blaspheme the name of Jesus and be forgiven but to refute the blood line from Adam to Jesus Christ is like a pardon never used. Anyway let’s get back to mothers and girl power.

Mary the mother of Jesus Christ. She risked being stoned according to local customs. In obedience to God she gave birth to the savior of the world and He answers to no one except His Father. His Holy Spirit is a constant reminder of who and what He is.

As a husband I ponder in my heart of the resilient of my wife. As to what extent she will go to preserve the call of motherhood. Happy Mothers Day to all the many mothers who love us more than her own life. Every day is her day.

My mom left the cradle to secure a future for us in the New World. Daddy stayed behind. Been there done that he told her but you go if you must, and she went. Five years later she returned for her children. Reluctantly daddy got on board at the last moment with only the shirt on his back. His wife and mother of his children risked the life of a single parent with seven children. Driven by self determination to create a better future for the community, herself and her children. She became a college graduate with a master in Social Work. Retired from a major hospital as the director of Department for Foster Children. If there was a way other than the Cross of Jesus, Mamadear would have found it. Living like Moses in the house of Pharaoh, ‘living the dream’ she did.

Husband should re-evaluate their opinion-of a virtuous woman as we sit there at the gates of the city. From a business management perspective a secured women can fix Climate Change and restore harmony with nature without a battle cry. She’s has a lot in common with Mother Earth. That will never happen be but her seed will see to it. His name is Jesus. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Who was it that kept an eye on the Prodigal Son? Must have been his mother. Sons need mothers to be better fathers and girls needs their fathers strong hand. There’s no confusion there.

By command a husband must leave his mother and father and cling to his own flesh. Spreading the table of life. That’s a virtue of his own and a call to serve his wife with that. It is the mystery of heaven revealed. Together we are as producing angels in the family of God. A higher calling made just a little lower than that of Angels. You have to wait for it. Until then, when Christ have found you, tell others your story.

If a man is so inclined, we can hear the voice of God even as we hear the voice of our mothers. Giving honor where her honor is due.( first to pastor and the 1st lady… and whatever follows that statement will be all wrong. OMG. Sorry.)

Godly mothers are examples of The Holy Spirit. Embracing her daughters as herself she extends to her sons the fine art of caring for the family. He in her and she in Him by example of the God head. No one can comfort a wife like her husband can and should. She works and I comfort. I like that arrangement.

We established the mode of the home and a wise man is subjected to her ever changing moods. It’s a sad home without a happy mother. Happy wife happy life. She’s a revolving door until she is comforted by her husband’s desire is to please his wife. Her influence can last for all eternity where as her husband rule is a temporary fix.

When it comes to motherhood, my wife is as close as I get. So near and yet so far. She revels my nakedness and I stand erect in her temple. She is the governor of our house as it is said, her glory is her children and they call her blessed. The virtues of a godly woman is matched only by the virtues of a godly man.

Children have mastered the art of having their own way. ‘go ask you dad and go ask your mom’ is often a weapon of choice. As parents we are stressed by their continuous demand. If your child ask for bread, would you give them a stone? Even a wayward child gets the best of us. Somewhere in transit our own nakedness is reviled. In the end we will have blessed and or have cursed our own generations. The seed doesn’t fall too far from the tree unless it is carried away out yonder in the wind of God.

Ever noticed when women get together they communicate on a level exclusive to themselves. Connected intimately to every female ever lived. A bond shared that cannot be broken. In envy her enemies are multiplied against her. Still she absorbs our wounds by the scars of her soul. It is impossible to spoil her house until she is bound by a man with flattering lips. Still she Fights like a wounded lioness and as crafty as a gentle breeze in the eye of a storm. It’s an insecure man from a broken home who enters in by brute force to rob her house. Until this man reconciles himself to his own mother and make restitution where possible, his life will be a haven of every evil spirits.

Is it by instinct that many women are attracted to rebellious men? Thinking that they can make a bad boy a good one, good luck with that.

As for her daughters, it is a sick woman who would tear down her house with her bare hands in so many ways. Overriding virtues in the bonds of women. Mother are matriarch and her children does well to learn her nature.
Her husband is The foundation of a happy family. Simply because he is first in answer to God.

Here she comes! made ready with her loins girded for battle. Fashioned for a world governed by flattery and lies. She is not easily persuaded or led astray. According to Proverbs 31 10-20 she is diamond in the rough to anyone who discovers her. She is not a feminist. Using her strength in her own house she commands the power of speech.
Birthing children she ponders her heart by their names. Taking responsibility, she raises them as gods. Standing her ground she repairs the breach between God and man nudging along.

Male or female she loves us the same. A love so instinctive accredited to her willingness to serve. Cursed by her desire to her man according scripture by to the knowledge of good and evil.

The sorcerers lip speaks flattery to rob her strength. Her senses are confused and in a hot flash her body surrenders to time. Still her virtues are secured for the fruit of her womb. Trusting her sons to become fathers she began where she will end for the hope of a better world.

Well known proverbs declared that pride comes before a fall. A righteous man falls seven times a stands again. The truth of this story is that the mother of all mothers fell and in the process of time salvation came. Like a city on a hill that cannot be hid, she gathers us together in the shadow of God beyond the chivalry of humanity. She is THE CHURCH AND BODY CHRIST, standing firm against the gates of hell. She is the Mother OF All Mothers.


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