Honor You

You are my song, you are my instrument. You are the words of my heart. You are my song, you are my confidence and my joy is the joy of you.

Cause I made you to laugh and I made you to smile. To reflect heaven’s joy in a tangible form. When you are sad and your confidence fall. I sense your pain in my redemption strain.

Sometimes with anguished of heart I wrote. Not that you should be grieved. But that you might love more abundantly and my hope is the hope of you.

How can I honor you? How can I give you praise. When the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life. How can I honor you?

Whit stretched out hands I give you praise. With the fruits of my lips I’ll call your name. Jesus you are the One you are the only begotten Sone. How can I honor you. I want to know now, how can I honor you.


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