The Dawn Of Day

It is the end of ministry. The Christ child is concluding His mortal life and is having supper with His friends in the Upper Room.

They were all there with unanswered questions and wanted to know, now what? If they only knew they most likely would have abandoned His ministry.

One of you here will betray me, Jesus said. Lord is it I? With piercing eyes and commanding lips Judas was told, what you do do it quickly. Promptly he went to finalize his agreement with the Spirit of the Antichrist. Thirty silver coins for the betrayal of Jesus Christ. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Now here we are again eating and drinking with much questionings. The spirit of Christ says again to His follower. There are here who have betrayed me for the love of money. What they do is happening quickly. Canceling culture can not prevent the betrayal. The economic reset is a compromise to deadly force that dawns world peace. The armies gathered are rendered useless by command. The Beast controls the flow of information by privacy laws of personal freedom. We all break bread and drink of the same sacrifice. The man of sin controls the mortal man. By design the night fades and day dawns.

What you do do it quickly. Time waits for no one. In the fullness of time Christ came and will come again. The day of the Antichrist will not delay the fullness of our time when the body of Christ is taken.

The dead in Christ will be awaken and those alive will be united in the clouds. In the same manner that Jesus left He will come again to retrieve His heavenly body for the start of the new day.



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