Inspired Word

I remember my new found love, of writing. In school creative writing was challenging and fun. To be a writer with the integrity to transcribe and not from a personal activist persuasion. The content of a good writer is measured in the righteousness of God. There are many excellent writers who transcribe for itching ears and not by inspiration.

I’ve learned to tell the difference between my own thoughts and that of what I have come to know in a personal relationship with God’s Word, brought to memory by the Holy Spirit of God. Taking no thought of what I should say because the Holy Spirit influences in real time. Like hidden mana in a conversation, the Word reveals an understanding I could not have conjured on my own.

The word of God is not for anyone’s personal interpretation. It is not tailored and amended to perfection by the laws of men. Heaven and Earth will pass but The Word of God remains. So I listen, so I hear and I so write with delight, my understanding of God’s Word. In season and out of season your Word is true.

It’s good to recognize the difference between our own thoughts and that of the inspired voice of God. In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word is God. As in a court of law we support and defend our own thoughts. Punctured with so many prejudicial conjectures to defy the law of righteousness written in our hearts.

At every junction of thought there is by judgement the Word of God. I’ve learned to erase and delete my own interjections and to write what I here of the Word made flesh. Because unto us a savior was born. His name is Immanuel meaning, God with us. We in Him and He in us.

Knowledge is truth and lies of the same forbidden root. ‘The letter of the law kills but the spirit of the Word gives life.’ By the letter of the Law we are identified with God or not with God. Who is not in compliance with the Spirit of the Word is by default against God. It is our own individual responsibility to learn and be delighted in the Word of God.



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