Fanning The Times

Wars and rumors of war, says Jesus the Beginning and the End. ( by-the-way, that’s a very scientific and spiritual name recognition because by Him was all things made of the Word of God)

So, the Earth quakes, family against family and with just a little imagination we see all the tentacles that supported His prophetic utterances of this time. He saw us all at the foot of the cross pass, present and future. So you say that everything is as it has always been huh? Except for the believing Christian. We are the reason for the season of all times we come to age.

Fanning The Times

If your historical relationship with God is more prevalent than your personal relationship, a good question for you is this, do I have a personal working relationship in and with the Creator? (By-the-way, that’s a very scientific and spiritual life made possible by the works of Jesus Christ.) If not, then a future with God for you is a toss of a coin. Heads or tails. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. You cannot serve two masters except with unruly member with minds of their own. Say what you will of a Christian, we do have a current and personal relationship with God which is not for personal gain but for the works of Jesus Christ. We do the works of an evangelist sent to a generation of vipers. Being warned of the evil that is to come. Your personal repentance is meat enough for the works of Christ.

For a non-believer the benefactors of the gospel of Jesus are prevalent yet still they can’t believe. The works of an evangelist is more than a political strategy to wars and rumors of wars or brothers against brothers fighting for world peace. It is a life line to whosoever will believe in God through Jesus Christ. Some will have faith in Him as their Lord and their God because of His works and simply because we love and know Him personally having a personal relationship with God in Him. More so because we have His forgiveness. The state of the time is this, as the days of Noah so we are now christians tending sheep you might say. His sheep knows His voice and we follow non other than Jesus Christ.