Luck Is For Rabbits

Traveling Time

Ready, Aim, Good-luck and the little toy soldiers went scampering like hungry rabbits at the end of a buck shot.

Wars and rumors of war makes good sense for the ending of time as the sun shines. Grown men stand-off facing each other for the luck of the draw? A single fixed bayonet. The dead and wounded on both sides surrendered to dirty bombs in cyberspace. The quality of air demands a KN 95 mask as the citizens are ransomed in fear of inflation.

Rumors of wars are the virtual realities induced and inflated for the love of money. Warring for profits in a world of lost souls standing alone across borders. What is the cost of grace? Or the value of our hard working effort to succeed? Time’s passing thought demands an answer by social media.

Name your price and it will cost you more to give an account for the age grace of God in your life. Mercy mercy is a battle cry for the trimming lamps was spent on sleepless nights.


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