Ready, Aim,Good luck!!

Ready, Aim, Good-luck and the little army men went scampering like Pixels of rabbits in the hands of a gamer. Luck is for Rabbits.

Even free as a kid watching, wars made no sense to my young mind. Why would grown men stand-off facing each other by the luck of the draw. With a single shot and fixed bayonet we are all dead or wounded men on both sides. Survival depends on the quality of air and a KN 95 mask.

With the threat of nuclear war and rising inflation that kind of world war is a virtual reality. Childlike minds in observance are little toy men whose pockets are lined with inflated money.

What is the profit of war if not to gain the whole world and lose our own souls.

In conversation with my own grown up kid I ask? What is the cost of grace in your life? What is the value of your hard work and the effort to succeed?

It’s s as passing comment that demands an after thought.

Name your inflated price and it will cost you more. At the end of the day we all will have account for the grace of God in our own lives. Having mercy on who God showed mercy.

Seriously speaking, it’s time to wake up. Take the shot in times of war. The weapons of our warfare is not carnal mindedness. They are spiritual to the pulling down of strong holds.