Consuming Fire

Hello, my name is Gairey and you are? 1st. Kings 18 ( the sacrifice defines the altar) I ask if you will answer. Are we defined by our names or do we define our own names? Some answers are by hateful intolerance. Holding ourselves a higher esteem we worship ourselves and some by love and compassion holding others a higher esteem in obedience to God.

Father Son Holy Spirit we worship in the perfect description of the Almighty God. Taken into consideration all the other supporting names that describes Your attributes in the Nature of God. Israel’s reverence by not writing the word God completely, for example G-d. I respect that knowing the awesomeness of God compared to anyone or anything else anywhere.

Nevertheless, it’s not good that the man made in the image should be alone figuratively when compared to the works of God. That longing for connection we call social media is figurative compared to the longing that the first Adam had before there was Eve, the mother of all living. This line of thought requires an open mind guided by a relationship with the Spirit of truth whose Word is true. Just one of the many descriptive names of Him who is an all consuming fire. No one except the second Adam knows His all consuming name and we might never know that name even when known as we are known. No one by impermanence can have a living relationship with God without first having a recognizable relationship with God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. My ark, my altar, my sacrifice and my covenant as I understand Him to be. Subjecting Himself to the cross He esteemed us higher than Himself. He Himself the Only begotten of God and first of many brethren.

There is so much to be said and understood in having the mind of Christ. We haven’t began to scratch the surface of what it means to have faith in God. It’s the kind of awareness that begins and continues with a quickening spirit as with the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. Revelation or as the world craves for enlightenment, comes by having a relationship with the Word of God, respectful known as Jesus Christ the Son of the living God. No one else is called the Word of truth.

With praise and thanks giving we enter in to ask whatsoever we will. So I’ll keep it simple. Hello my name is Gairey and you are?


Gairey at Sonic