Don’t Count On Me

In the permissive will of God a good question is always, why? The good answer is always this, go ask God and He will show us the answer. Only what is found in God’s favor is transformed from death into His marvelous light. Only what we do for God will last as the saying goes. Except for Jesus Christ and Him crucified, don’t count on us to die for the sins of the world. We die daily in Christ and we live in Him.

The day we became consumers in the knowledge of good and evil we surly did die. That was not good. That was very bad. Since then everything we do is by the permissive will of a pure and perfect God. God is good and we are evil on our very best day. Jesus said, why call me good? There’s none good except God. Vanity of vanity say’s the preacher, all is vanity.

Heaven is under construction for believers during this brief synopsis of life in a world gone wrong. Don’t numbered us with this world. There is a better on coming and we will see a new heaven and a new Earth. Sent to us by God. No need for the sun or the moon. God is the light of it. Our citizenship is in heaven by the will of God. Strangers in the Earth by God’s permissive will. Why Lord?

Since the fall of Adam and Eve every action of God toward us is a permissive will for the works of salvation. He who once delighted Himself in the free will of Adam and Eve now delights Himself in the permissive plan for redemption. Intervening constantly in the affairs of men to save us from the wrath of God on the earth.

For example the numbering of God’s people is a disconnect from having faith in the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Where the just shall live by faith. Without faith it is impossible to be pleasing to God.

King David’s decreed the numbering of the children of Israel. Falling short of the glory of God and to be judged by God’s permissive will that governs in the affairs of men. God knows the beginning from the ending of our evil intent towards Him. There is none good no not one. What’s so wrong about Israel that the people of God was punished for David’s decree. Or Job’s life that testifies of the beginning to the end and was rewarded with a better life.

The permissive will of God was and is a chastening of His people who He loves as children. Why Lord?

Like a technological glitch stemming from our natural desire to sin against God, devils are granted permission to deceive the world. My guess is as good as yours, seeing that there was no explanation given as to the permissive will of God except by speculation. Knowing that all things works together for good to them who loves God and are called according to His purpose.

God’s permissive will instigated Davids decree for the numbering of Israel. The most dangerous people are accessible to the Devil at will to enter in by God’s permissive will. Pawns in the hand of God we are. The story of King David playing so skillfully to comfort the heart of King Saul. Then the Devil entered Saul’s in a jealous rage to kill David his successor. Like Cane killed Abel and Israel slandering Jesus. The author of salvation is a perfect story by God’s will to save the lost.

The story of five stones and a slingshot killing the giant Goliath was the story of a sheep hearder’s boy caught up in the will of God. His predecessor was a substitute in God’s permissive will in favor of a worldly king.

Five loves and two fish that fed over five thousands was child’s play for greater works in us. Salvation is the will of God that none should perish but have everlasting life. All hands on deck by the will and permissive will of God. Let evil be evil and good be good still.

The notion of a single nation or a man to glorify themselves at the expense of what and who God permits is the building of a Satanic stronghold to bind the strong men in the house of God and to number His people. Categorizing the house of God by religion is the numbering of His people. It is the explicit will of God that everyone have everlasting life in God with the personal choice and freedom to express faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus. No one can serve two masters without choosing one over the other. At the drop of a hat the race began and at the flip of a coin some finds favor through God’s permissive will.

Freedom is a cutting edge philosophy of God’s will ever since man became a living soul.

Cane at the dawn of time argued his punishment for killing his brother Abel, accepted a better sacrifice than his. Setting the stage in the linage of salvation by Jesus Christ. Cane argued boldly at the throne of grace saying, I’m being removed from the presence of God. Driven from the ground to be a vagabond wondering the Earth…anyone who sees me will kill me he pleaded. My punishment is more than I can stand, he petitioned at the mercy seat of grace. So God of His own will decreed that anyone who killed Cane will himself (or herself) suffer seven times more… God’s grace is stronger than the consequence of our sin and could not allow anyone except by Himself to avenge the blood of Able. Vengeance is mine says the Lord….

The righteous fall seven times and rise seven times. The unrighteous has fallen never to rise again. Persistent as they are.

Cane offered a less acceptable sacrifice by the fruit of the ground and was separated from the earth he cultivated. Didn’t he know the Earth withheld its increased by punishment of death. Bearing thorns and thistles for the working man. The will of God is the life of Jesus and the death of Jesus was in obedience to the story of salvation and redemption. The blood of Jesus like Able’s blood, cries from the ground. A better and more perfect sacrifice that is able to save and restore that which was lost from the beginning. No one knows the mind of God but we are aware of His intention to save the lost.

Now here we are as astronauts hellbent on pioneering the sky at the exploits of God’s permissive will. He will destroy them who destroys the Earth. Woes to them that lives in cities as the people suffer chastisement of God.

The numbering of the people of God is to count the sands of the sea. That very gesture draws an immediate response from God. It’s not that we do or we don’t with God but instead it is by intent that we are rewarded of His presence.

Glorifying ourselves we ransom the house of God. Using people as leverage to control the kingdom of Heaven. Like the love of money controls the world and the more things change the more they stay the same.

King David to number the house of Israel for the pride of life as well as Israel’s judgement. We the body of Christ is as enumerable as the hairs on our heads. With ever count there will alway be more or less where we came from.

The quest of a global economy is the deceitful ambition to glorify ourselves by God’s permissive will. The building of a world that connects Earth and Sky is Babel recreated. A counterfeit culture that was separated from God through Cain’s murderous hand. Sons of perdition building cities like gates of hell on the sands of the sea shores.

When evil abounds grace much more abounds and anyone who call on the name of Jesus shall be saved. On this rock the church is built and the gates of hell will not prevail agains us. Having mercy on whom He will and favor to who He will have favor. God’s will was Satan’s fall.

Iniquity was found in heaven. Cast down to the earth at lightening speed. A time delay for an overnight stay to a place called Hell. Prepared for the Devil and his angels.

We don’t wanna go there so don’t number us. Remember David’s decree so don’t count on us. I have a freedom to choose so don’t count on me to be a mark for the beast. by God’s decree we disagree.

This episode of life will soon end. Faster than a speeding bullet at the speed of light we turn the bend. In the blink of an eye we be on high. Now you see us now you don’t cause we don’t count. The numbering of Gods people is never right. Salvation and deliverance is a sudden flight. Faster than the speed of light.

Up up and away for the number of the Beast is six six six.

Flash back and take a stock.

Jesus broke silence to the Roman court. You have no power over me other that which was given to you by God. Showing favor to who He will have favor.

Able’s sacrifice and the jealousy his brother Cane. The mystery of heaven is the life of Jesus Christ, son of David the Son Of God. The will God to sacrifice His only begotten Son. Ransomed for the sins of the world is perfect to save the lost from the fire of Hell. Rescued from death by the will of God.

Jesus could have summons legends of angels at anytime but He remained constant to the Cross from Genesis to Revelation…. And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment…… Who in the world says that? Except by the authority and the wisdom of God and by His permissive will. Or you can say, His plan of action that retrieve to us the kingdom of God from the kingdom of the world. By God’s will the latter part life will be so much better than before. Both in the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the world. Until then we the people of Heaven suffers violence and the violent takes it by famine, pestilence and war in the the sovereign will of Almighty God.

Come out from among them, be separate and I will bless you says the word of God. Not to take us out of the world but by us the world is testified of Him. Saved by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony. The Alpha and the Omega Jesus Christ. From Adam, Seth, king David, Jesus the Messiah to the body of Christ. We are too numerous to count even though we try.