Mystic Air

This morning I woke up in Amazon curfew reading Tweeter. Yahoo said the Messenger. Tic Tok says the clock. FaceTime FaceBook MySpace in the Cloud.

American Eagle fly sky high above Russian Bear looking for war crimes in China Town.

Shhh! said the Crown. The Orthodox are at it again.

Seeing is believing is a godly report. Never seen a nuclear bomb but we believe the strategy of war and peace.

You Crane a city brand new. With literal bombs remove and replace a model for the Times.

No excavating necessary going forward. Evacuated refugees on a one way trip around the world.

Solar Energy powered Wind Turbine reports Fresh Air by design. Crafty gangs from East to West where money is endangered but the evil remains.

General Saul renamed the Apostle Paul declared, I preached Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Cut the chase this race is not for the swift but for who endured till the end. The End.



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