My Goodness

Is God impress by our latest inventions? The spectacle on my face to the spectacle in the sky. Tilling and irrigating the land for thousands of dollars or coloring our hair with nails to match the fantasies of our flesh? It was in the cool of the day God came to know the identifying names Adam gave the animals. T’was his first act of intelligence in the kingdom of God. Adam! Adam! Where are you? Echoes the voice of God from across the great divide. Stands to reason that God never did get the report He expected. Something dreadfully wrong has wedged itself between the pleasure of God for the pleasures of Man. The necessity of law became apparent in the battle of good and evil.

1000 years as 0001 & 0001 years as 1000 records the illusions of time where the evil and the good remains constant.

Progressive development is a godly thing when in harmony with God. ‘Twas the law of the jungle versus the pride of this life that God encountered in the Gardens of our souls. Can anything or anyone be more godly or ungodly than that? Godliness was our nature with all things pure until we became a conscious consumer to the knowledge of Good and evil. Spiritual death became the norm, reproducing after its own kind.

Nature’s independence from God is irreparable as the Earth no longer yields its increase for mankind. Because of Adam’s disobedience we are repositioned as parasites that devoured the Earth. From dust we are and to dust we shall return. That was not the original plan of God for our lives. So don’t blame God. The responsibility is ours to obey.

The Garden was our temple till sin made us an example.

“I assure you: Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains by itself. But if it dies, it produces a large crop.” Organic and sustainable gods in the Earth.

Salvaging our loss with clever inventions is like pouring water on a grease fire. Creating and amending laws without conscience toward our Creator or the individual right to a personal relationship with Him.

Dulling the capabilities of a wonderfully designed brain. God reduced our years to one hundred and twenty of eternity. By intent we invent to bridge the gap between what was, what is and what is to be. Forming traditions to protect our identity makes the word of God of of no effect. Suffocating gasping we struggle to survive the times. This ignorance is a wisdom from below. No one will say I didn’t know.

To blame the creator for the irresponsibility of the creature is like blaming the man for the sins of angels. By wisdom God did not intervene on their behalf as He does on our behalf. The angels fought among themselves and the evil was aborted to Earth. Lickety-split, like lightning in a rain storm Jesus said, I saw Satan’s fall from heaven. A repeating episode to everyone born of a woman. What’s happening to us is a means to an end. The knowledge of good and evil battling for our thoughts. The battle is won, my soul is saved. Still I fight for my place in the promise land.

It is a godly thing that the problematic man can be restored by the righteousness of an evil cross that leads to repentance. The law of faithfulness produced friendship. Friendships produced mercies of God who refused to destroy the righteous with the unrighteous. There are those who will close the window of heaven for the window of the latest intel.

Like innocent victims in a cross fire, God sent us messiah to save us from pure Hell. Jesus was His earthen name. When the entire world is defined by its hostile intent of ungodliness, the fallen angels will emerge to occupy our space and time. Then the God who became a man will intervene to establish a new world order without spot or wrinkle of evil intelligence.

The times and the seasons are in His power counteracting things imagine by a few. Bound only by the limits of our artificial intelligence. Fueling fires capable of casting mountains into the sea without the necessity of faith in God. How easily we forget that the Almighty God is a law unto Himself.

Imagine a created being hell bent on robbing God of His glory. Impressed by the desire to have sovereign worship of all mankind. The parasite has evolved to become the man of sin.

Evolving and adopting to the environment we are made vulnerable to the whims of intellect. The instinct to survive changes the glory of God to the glory of Man. Abusing the planet without remorse of its true value we establish laws like foreigners in the presence God. His ways are higher by far to conceive a plan for the restoration of Man. To quarantine the knowledge of good and evil navigated by the righteousness of Jesus Christ. He will not lower the standard to do battle with human inventions of the ungodly. But He will go to Hell and back to set the captives free.


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