The Serenading Of Kings.

The more things change the more they are the same. Let’s take a ride in a day and time of the sons of God by a layman’s understanding of the gods

T’was a voided space in the process of time. The expectancy of a kingdom for kings and for the Lord of lords. Time lingered between David the shepherd boy and the peoples choice of king Saul. Saul was handsome, sexy and a warriors king. David was a boy with purpose.

Insinuating the kingdoms of the world the people of God cried, here we have a king! Let us fulfill the promise for sons of Abraham? Excuse me, whispered the Word in the hush of the wind as it blows to corners of the earth. When was it ever made a promise to the children of Abraham?A promise made is a promise kept to Abram now called Abraham. For you I’ve incorporated a land flowing with milk and honey by prophetic proclamations. The kingship belongs to the Son of David, Son of Man Son of God in the order of Melchizedek. King of peace.

“Thus God, determining to show more abundantly to the heirs of promise the immutability of His counsel, confirmed it by an oath,”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭6:17‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

David played skillfully in the Spirit of God. Psalms hymns and spiritual songs. A perfect rendition of an artistic expression, the shepherd protects His sheep. The most melodic music to sooth the troubled mind. King Saul was comforted.

The vibration of a string instrument echoing through the stages of time. The one hit wonder caught the attention of the the Devil who then at lightning speed tracked it to the land of the land of Israel. Flashing in from his relentless travels throughout the earth, he considered the kingship of Israel and Judah as Job was also considered in the presence of God.

I heard it said, the best is yet to come and a curse is not without cause. The knowledge of good and evil is the nesting of shame and pride where devils resides. The most dangerous man is one closest to God with and evil heart. A man’s foe is of his own household though He be the anointed One, King of Kings and Lords of lords. We must be vigilant and courageous as David the Shepherd boy.

Ground zero at the battle of Armageddon the King of Kings and the Lord or Lords steadied His feet. In desperation the Devils positioned themselves to encircle the heirs of promise. In a moment of time the staged is set for a theatrical stance for war as King Saul reached for his spear. In flowing motion of time David reacted to the striking force of a Lion’s paw. The giant slayer pranced to his feet as the tip of Saul’s spear parted the air, missed by a hair. Today we live to fight another day.

Where there was peace the trait of anger and rejection possessed the soul of Saul. Slighted by the chanting of women singing ‘Saul one thousand and David ten thousands.’ The evil entered him and with vigor Saul cast his weapon to prevent the linage of a coming King. Better known as Jesus because He will save His people from the finality of the last death.

King Saul found solace in the anointed songs of David but was intercepted as the Devil entered in by way of pride and jealousy. Saul a man highly esteemed by the standards of the world was replaced by a sheep herders young son in the linage of the King of Kings and Lord of lords. The lion of the tribe of Judah.

Skillful as David played his harp was his ability to dodge the flying spear. Time slowed to a crawl as Saul breathe his last breath to die at the hand of a Hollywood movie star. At the Oscar Awards acceptance speech I heard them say, almost though persuades me to be a Christian. The rest is history as prophesied in the Word of God for all times and a time to come.