Sons Of Israel

A not so long ago before there was the need of saving for a rainy day, Jacob’s beloved son was sold into slavery. His name was Joseph, son of his mother Rachael. His story is told in Genesis (37–50). Beloved of his father he was gifted a coat of many colors. How prophetic that for us today that God so love the many colors of our ethnicity. He allowed Joseph son of Jacob to be sold into slavery by his own envious brothers. But God intervened a plan to save the house of Israel from the famine that is to come to a world void of His Word. God has a plan to for our lives so don’t be afraid to live.

The most intelligent, economic and inventive idea to the world was and is to build a barn to store food, energy and to generate an income during the famine. Like Dahh, says the rulers of today. That’s how the West was won, don’t you know?

God’s manipulating of our evil deeds to save us from ourselves is a constant conflict between good and evil. Who knows what God will allow, so get in the game and engage the world, God got this. Remember that God our Father allowed His beloved Son to be Ransomed for the sins of the world. Injecting Himself into the affairs of evil men. A striking contrast to the evil that was injected into our disobedient lives. The world seems to be charging up for the future. I’m sure that the old fossil of a man made in the image of God will prevail to the end of time.

To charge a battery the negative and the positive has to be connected separately to the same power source. God is the only power source if you really think about it. There is nothin made that God did not create or permitted to be fashioned by clever inventions. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed by God’s permission and the sky is the limit. If the line between good and evil is blurred or twisted it creates a spark similar to two connecting battery terminals. Don’t try that at in you car. You might fry the computer. That’s not good.

Devil arrived on planet, like lightning. Not sure what that means but that’s what Jesus saw from His vantage point.

The people of God is spiritually charged in a world that is electronically connected. The greater us is spiritually charged from within. The negative is is charged by our sensory perception of the natural and our souls are right smack in middle of John 3:16. But for the grace of God goes I. Gairey


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