Familiar Spirits

When I read scriptures such as ‘ withdraw from your neighbor’s house before they becomes weary of you.. a prophet is not known in his own land… your foe is that thing of your own household..’ etc. I realize that to become too familiar with people has its disadvantages in regards to respect of personal boundaries. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made and should be respected as such.

I also realize why it is that God the Father surrounds Himself with like minded servants of Christ. That He Himself is mediated only by His Word the only begotten Son. This is the only way into His direct counsel. That we must be in right standing with God by being in Jesus Christ all in all and Abba Father all and all. I’ve been told that you might be the only Jesus I will ever know, gong!! But when it comes to being familiar with The Father Jesus Christ is all we will ever know.

Withdraw your feet from your neighbor’s house because when you have overstayed your welcome their hospitality towards you becomes an unwelcome one. A situation we are all too familiar with at times. I recently offered to share my soup with someone seeing that they were only eating crackers. To which they replied, not right now but I be back for it later. That’s a little too familiar don’t you think? My offer then became their personal position that I must keep for a later time. The audacity to think that I no longer have control over my own bowl of soup. Well I never….such selfish arrogance. True story with much more to tell at another time. Yes I did share him my soup, gees.

Thinking of Familiar Spirits, they are disembodies spirits that knows more about you than you know about yourself. A category Jesus Himself navigated being raised from the dead to set the captives free. Our bloodline, our DNA, our health, our going out and your coming in and everything else humanly possible can be influenced by familiar spirits. Instead of being in the right place at the right time we are at the wrong place at the wrong time with hell to pay. Sanctification is not just a good idea but a necessary one in having a good relationship with Abba by the washing of the Word or you could say knowing Jesus. He not only descended but also ascended to The Father to become His right hand man. It is not advisable to be in relationship or to be in counsel with entities of the dead good or bad. Except for grand mama, I know but not even grandma or grandpa or the prophet Samuel. You just might find yourself in the confidence of a Devil. Light has no fellowship with darkness except to put it out.



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