Manup Or Shut Up

Our mind is like artificial impartial approach to our thinking. That gravitational expanse between good and evil pulling our thoughts in subjection to our will. Hence the burden of a personal responsibility to the judgements of God. It is our will to decide our own reality. The vision of the artificial intelligent is like a thought that never made it past our imaginations of God. Endeavoring to do as we imagined to do. Mirrored versions of an ancestral spirit asking in error, is He God of the past, present or future. A learning curve of fossil man’s ability to compare the life of a water bug to that of a human being. Life is good until it is stepped on. You can’t relate to the spiritual things until you know that you are also of the spirit. To choose this day who we will serve because AI wont reference God and how will they hear without a preacher. Gairey


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