So Sad So Glad

If the righteous falls a thousand times we will rise for a thousand and One. The unrighteous falls but once never to rise again. The sadness between is a symptom of enmity between the seed of the Devil and of the woman. Instituted by God in response to the Devil’s rebellion evident in us. If there be any good thing search for it like a long lost treasure. The treasure of life is behind the doors of Joy in a house of sorrows.

The Devil considered us by way of Adam’s disobedience in the pride of life. Trading the delight of Eve for the pleasures of sin. A luxury lost to a human rights movement accusing God for our own rebellious nature. For that Rodney King famously asked, ‘can’t we all just get along? That’s a proven no because of the enmity between us. God don’t hold hands with devils. Rodney’s question became the punch line of comedians on both ends of the whip. The man and his wife, his country and more so between the man and his God by any definition. To put it simple, God don’t like ugly even if beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is skin deep beyond that is the beauty of holiness.

Sadnesses is a given in the bond of war and peace. Oppressing as we are oppressed and no more righteous than our oppressors. Primitively paying homage to the Slander himself we slander each other for rights. We are all sinners here born and shaped in iniquity.

The seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman is the enmity between us. Eve being the mother of all living declares the first Adam. Having our conscience seared toward God. Seared by dissonedience, same as always. Masterminding our preoccupation in the knowledge of good and evil. Not human or alien but the seed of evil. Spirits and principalities in high and wicked places we became as God to know the difference. An experiential viewpoint that judge between good and evil. We can only serve one or the other. Grace and peace be onto you. The Word of God is not our right to be judge mental. God call’s having mercy on who He wills.

True believers are the only aliens here being citizens of the kingdom of heaven and virgins unto God of our own rite.

None of us is more righteous than the other. We are all sinners here with the right to choose between the gods.

Citizens of the kingdom of heaven, born of the Virgin Mary, and again of Jesus Christ Son of God. Spoken for in the genesis of salvation was Jesus Christ Son of the living God. The spirit of the Antichrist and that of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ manifesting in our experiences of today. Crushing the heads of all things artificial to the kingdom of God. It is the bruising of our heals on the head of the dragon in the kingdom of God. A privilege we endure and a counter we acknowledge of good over evil. Soon we will all be known as we are known. Because our suffering of time is nothing compared to the timeless joy that is to come. So let’s watch and pray till that day comes. The scriptures declares that to be absent from our own bodies is to be in the presence of God. To put it more appropriately to believers of the second Adam. ‘This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. 17For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh:



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