Hell Is All We’ve Got to Lose.

Ask anyone and they will admit that we are at an precipitated end of a life cycle. Expediting the arrival of something more advance than todays technological advancements. We are all anxious about our lives. Instead we should counter by making our request with prayer and duplication unto God.

It’s understood by many that this new world is being established for the benefits of a religious freedom to choose. One bad apple spoil the entire bunch and a little leaven will cause the loaf to rise. Metaphorically speaking of the American constitution.

Persecuted people looking for a place to worship freely. By all indication we can hear the echoing of their voices trafficking the world at large. Taking for granted that all forms of religion is fare game. So it is by divine order we like dogs returning to feast on our own vomit. But hey, that’s what dogs do when they can’t eat from the master’s table. Here we go at it again in the establishment of a New World Order. In pursuit of lovers of self more than lovers of God. The freedom to be anyone or anything except to be like Christ. All in favor of the Christian departure say Yes! Even so come Lord Jesus.

Let’s back up a little to a time when Jesus said, Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

Then came the day of Pentecost to revolutionized the world for the gospel of Jesus. On that rock the church is established and the morning and the evening was much like every other day. I can hear the voice the Antichrist saying, where are they the body of Christ? Bring me word so that we may worship there too. Here it is today as prophesied, the Falling Away. Don’t get mad, get in Christ.

Expedient as it was that Jesus should leave that the Holy Spirit should come, it is that the baptized of the Holy Spirit should depart before that man of sin makes his move. Make good sense to me the expediency of the baptized to leave as in the twinkle of an eye to be united to complete the body of Christ. As if it is the next day, Jesus will return to put His foot down for the defiance of Israel. That makes me a pre tribulation kind of guy. That’s neither here or there but for the time of the gentiles Israel is hardened as was Pharaoh to the Hebrews slaves. They by the way never wanted lo leave anymore than Lot’s wife wanted to Metaphorically speaking.

To make it plane and simple if I can and for what it’s worth. What I understand is as expedient as it was for Jesus to go, the spirit of the totally submerged in Christ must also leave to make room for the Antichrist. The world will not enjoy the religious freedom of an Antichrist until the Holy Spirit who dwells within the body of Christ also leaves. The Son is reunited with His Father the Spirit of Christ will reunite with the Son. Twill be like Pentecostals on drugs.

My father told me as a boy living at home. Two bulls can’t rule in the same cow’s pen. One will have to wait his turn. Like fruits in a basket, the second best is the best for the next in line. By the state of the world we should all try Jesus, Hell is all we’ve got to lose.



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