Biggest of Sins

The biggest of sins is my own and so is yours to you. The little things that violates our working relationship with the Holy Spirit. The sin that creates a static in our line prayer life. For example to him who knows to do good and doesn’t to you and to me it is sin. That’s when your relationship with God is becoming more of walking in the spirit and not the lust of the flesh. No cohabiting with our personal demons while calling in vain the name Jesus name. It’s time make use of our personal and exclusive authority that is in the name of Jesus. He will never leave us or forsake us but there comes a time when we must exercise our authority over the sin that so easily besets us. In our finances, friendships etc. Sins we identify with as habitual sins accept at the altar of prayer. There we must come in peace by making peace in the sufferings of saints. You just can’t have your cake and eat it alone. All things are acceptable but not all things are worthy in our personal relationship with God. Express the love of God like only you can. Gairey


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