Jealous Rage

The heavens declares the glory of God and the firmament His handy work. The thunder of your voice is a quiet whispering to ears that hears beyond reason. Still we Worship ourselves by Aron’s calf sparking the rage of your jealousy.

Abominable things have saturating the camp because people within are afraid of the glory of God. Our bodies are adorned with gold as we search the heavens far the glory of God.

The misunderstanding by the dwelling of spirits our tents are ravaged. Underestimating the baptism of God in us and we in God. He is the life and the life is in Him. The life giving soul of God is in Christ Jesus and we in Him. As Moses lifted his rod at the parting sea, Christ be lifted at the parting skies.

Crafty and skillful are the work of our hands bringing to light the abominable things. Things made of silver, gold and now plastics, silencing our praise and worship at at the click of a button we wave our hands in silence at the tent of meeting.

The glory of God is passing His merciful hands as we like Moses emerge from the clefts of rocks. The Cloud hovers in silence like ‘Independence Day’ teasing His jealously for the work of His hands. The heathen rage and the people imagine vain things is a question unanswered in rage of jealousies.

Oh Lord! remember your Word in us and for those who have been submerged in the baptism of your Spirit. You are a consuming fire slow to anger and full of mercy, having mercy on whosoever you will. Like a man scorned by his woman your silence is deafening for good reason. In honor of the Messiah Moses rod parted the sea, Joshua prayed and the sun stood still in mercy for Israel. Jesus is lifted and to the right hand of God, never again forsaken or taken for granted by the abominations that enflames the the jealousy of God.



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