Love 102

No man is above the law of love. God is love. The servant is not greater than their master. The government that enforces the law of a land is not subjected to of the people. How can it? that would be the conflict of interest of a sovereign nation to itself. A law abiding citizen is subjected to obeying the law of the nation but the integrity of a law abiding citizen is beyond reproach because we act in obedience to the law of the land. Obedience is the resting place of every law.

There is no greater law than the law of love. That anyone would sacrifice themselves for a friend. Laws can be conflicting but the law of love is a perfect resting place. I have heard good sermons preached on the laws of loving God and our neighbors as ourselves. Predicated on the obedience of the sabbath. On that day hangs all the prior days.

The sabbath day of rest gave us a revelation of entering into God’s rest from all His labor. The confidence of resting in God is a remarkable experience. Anyone who have entered into that rest of God has no need for a another day. How be it that not many have entered into the resting place of God. Subjecting ourselves to the seventh day not knowing the previous six in which God labored in order to rest on the seventh.

The integrity of every person is that we live the intent of our hearts until we have had a change of heart. A heart of stone is converted to a heart of flesh so to speak according to Bible scripture. There is no substitute for obedience in the knowledge of God. The revelation of His Word is that ‘in the beginning was the Word and the Word was and is God. The Word became flesh and lived among us as Jesus Christ who is the righteousness of God’s law…

God in relationship with us is visible in our relationship with Jesus. Invisible to the naked eyes is the revelation of His Spirit manifesting in the eye of our spirit.

This marriage is an undefiled mystery of the church of God, visible by example of a godly man and his wife. That relationship came to us as with Abraham and Sarah’s relationship, in all that the story reveals between a man and his God.

Spiritually as believers in Christ we are children of Abraham but only a woman can be described as daughters of Sarah by her submission to her husband’s faith in God’s promise concerning their sons and daughters. Her humble submission is a convincing testimony of Christ in us, we in Christ and Christ in God. A match made in heaven is God’s covenant to us through Abraham faith to believe. God swore to Himself a promise decree to bless us. That decree is a law unto itself that it is impossible for God to lie by any means necessary.

Whatever the belief or religion we owe it to ourselves to try the spirit to see if it is of God. Not every spirit is of God. Many times we are of the Devil in the presence of God. Recognizable in our violation to the law of love, God is love. The servant is not greater than his master. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried It. We owe it to ourselves to do the math, the science, the history, the prophetic utterances, the cloud of witnesses that’s gone before us, the joy of heart and the love that’s eminent by the fruit of the spirit according to Galatians 5:22,22…. But (A)the fruit of the Spirit is (B)love, joy, peace, patience, (C)kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 (D)gentleness, (E)self-control; (F)against such things there is no law.

Living according to a nation’s sovereign law is not in disobedience to the law of love. God is Love. It is His love that is accomplished in our acts of charity. Purified in our relationships by the love of God we have become a law unto ourselves. Even as God is a law unto Himself. Love covers a multitude of sins for those resting in the law of Love. God is love and that gift is without repentance.



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