My Less Obvious World

The seen and the unseen world is like watching shadows in the sun light. Who wants to do that? My good friend does. Her name is Maya the best dog ever. If I was half the dogs she is I would be a better man. She watches me 24/7. Maya knows me better than I know myself.

She came into my world twelve years ago as a two week old puppy. The breeder offered , I have three pups you can have one. So I took the little rejected and least likely to succeed and we named her Maya. She waits to eat with the family. Never was interested it the biggest paps she waits and observed the others, trashing about like animals.

She wailed all the way home from her family. Driving on the highway I thought to my self, what have I done? She will never see her own family again ever. She wailed even louder. Wasn’t long the crying stopped as she acquainted her self with her new world. The original home she knew was gone for good. She made the best of things. Loves conquering all. Still there but she will never see her mother or father again.

My family became her new world, she was and still is in dog heaven and wanting for nothing. Constantly moving one step ahead of us, ‘Lo, I be with you always. Comforting us when we are sick and sad. She perceived our every mood in constant observation. Diagnosing our health before we realize the Symptoms. All her skills and natural abilities are focused on living in her new world. Her keen sense of smell, hearing and constant observation has documented my repetitive life style. We have taken vacations, relocations several times. Living in places she was not welcomed. She knows the back of our SUV as her time capsule hiding from prying eyes. No telling what’s at the end of the road from back there.

Switching from window to window she memorized her way around the neighborhood and is always excited by the familiar sites. Lie down Maya I barked at the entrance gate . No one can know that you are here. You are among the top three most dangerous dogs. Too smart for your own good.

Maya is a German Shepard and the obvious leader of the pack by her strong will and gentle submissiveness to her new family. They won’t admit it but it’s true, especially my daughter. They know I’m the head of my house hold. Too smart for my own good but I love them to death. My less obvious world hidden in plane sight. A little less obvious than the angels and a little higher than the animals most times.

I could go on pontificating spiritual truth with scriptures to match but instead, I will quite my thoughts. As the spirit speaks into your less obvious world where God is the head of household.

Old cone head sees everything.



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