In Search of Eden

It’s not for us to know the times and seasons that God has placed in His own power. Around and around and around we go. Where we gonna end up, no body knows. Predicting the e@changing clouds not knowing Heaven was at hand.

Population increase the value of land as the Lord God drivers us out of Eden. Two to the power of infinity chastened by the flaming sword. The US and Russia, China and India, Israel and the World. Chastised From the rising of the East to the settlements of the West as the crow flies.

The trees are gone now, ravished and used. Rising shrubbery now scattered twinges. The people lavished in wondrous content. Feast of merriment my African descent.

1When Jesus saw the crowds, He went up on the mountain and sat down. His disciples came to Him,2and He began to teach them, saying: The Beatitudes

So He Jesus left the crowed to quarantine on the mountain and his disciples followed. No clever charismatic speech with a propaganda addenda. Lets keep it real knowing that the Devil is defeated by every generation.

Bless the Beatitudes then rejoice and triumph, because our reward is great in Heaven, for just so they persecuted The Prophets who were before us.



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