Investments Of Faith

When we consider the substances of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen we invest our time in things we believe. Things like the the stock market, family or friends. With confidence of faith we invest on a hunch of having a good return and is broken when we fail to do so. Nothing wrong with that at face value because in our weakness Christ is proven strong and often without a good return for His own personal invest as Christ in us.

Spending lavishly and recklessly on His long term investments. Still purchasing and waiting for His return. He paid the highest cost for His return. The value of a single human life is beyond measures of faith or beliefs.

Good Faith in my assumption is the business of getting more with less. Where the yoke is easy and the burden is light. Spirit of Christ and that of the Antichrist are not visible to us yet they are both invested in our lives simultaneously. One day we are up and another day we are down and no one goes unnoticed. Especially those of a contrite spirit.

Bad investment of faith are temptations of an Antichrist and the groundwork for redemption. For that reason we try the spirits to see if it is of God. Studying to show ourselves approved by God, workmen worthy of His investment. A Christ manifest to overcome our own reckless notions to buy into an unprofitable company. Temptations are not the problem here, having little or no faith to believe is. The word of God is the only safe investment in times of trouble. If we spent twenty-four hours per day investing in faith to believe God, faith will always prove itself a worthy investment. As with all investments, waver and doubt offers absolutely no return. Whimsically buying at every wind of doctrines with nothing to show. The study of God’s word is a good investment. Faith to comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. Only then can we truly make an inform decision to buy or to sell. Unlike the stock market it comes with a life time guarantee and a warranty. To which Jesus Christ underwrites the shares.



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