What Manner Of Love Is This

Pain is reactive of temptations warning, the body in lust to satisfy. What’s your level, would you like something for pain. Temptation’s a decoy to spiritual minds alerted to sin in temples of God.

Tempters kill, warning eminent danger no one is immune. Not even the pure to which all things are pure. Some days are better or for worst.

Pills numb but doesn’t cure,With care and a little help our bodies will recover. We all need the savior’s rescue from total control. Consent to tempt is a guilty plea a verdict to repent we all agree. The presumably cure for presumptuous sins the Father sent His own Son.

Sinning is a given and repentance is the antidote yo the addictive sin by the temples of God. Greater is He that is within than he that is in the world.

To the pure all things are pure and when we hurt God feels the pain. It’s Him to forgive we cry Abba Father. Who can separate us? He employees forgiveness on sentiments of family. To the best knowledge offers our own guardian.

They are mine Says He, give them back, as the water and blood gushed from His wound. The nails and the crown of thorns sums it up regardless of our beliefs. No one is exempt the tempter’s pain no gain It hurts so bad.

Away with the weight of sin and death. Confession is a tempters pain. Weightlessness as outer space is a summery of spirit that needs to be dealt with.

Jesus pain is heaven’s offer . For Him there was no numbness of pain. Sinless was His redemption a ransomed for the world. Oh what manner of love is this?



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