In My Father’s House

Distant Mt.

The reverence, the quiet emptiness disturbed only by the ringing in my ear. Sounds like a million trumpet of distant galaxies playing my soul. The steady rhythm of my heart beats to the pulsing of my lungs as the blood passes through my vanes . I closed my eyes from thinking to harness the feeding of my thought. Fishing quietly in the shade of a new day.

What is said precedes the memory of my consciousness. Many voices confronting for dominance in my life. So many possibilities not expedient so here I fish waiting for the tug on my line. The sign on the marquee reads gone fishing, below the schedule of services.

YouTube is a game changer in isolation. I heard within the word of God saying, ‘all things works together for the good of them who love God and are the called according to His purpose’. Unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain who build it, tugs my line. Oh yes got a hook, the house will eat good today.

So often we exasperate to build bigger houses that feeds the same fish. Drinking milk like a new born infatuated by love at first sight. Regurgitating the gospel truth according to grandma’s advice in a world she couldn’t recognize. The grand babies are weak and malnourished by grandpa’s own experiences in the grace or God. Jesus taught and said, I have meat to eat you know not of.

The house of God is a replacement to the Tower of Babel abandoned in confusion. Going from faith to faith and glory to glory the Lord God is raised a high tower. A refuge in time of need. We are in need. Not to change but to build on the foundation of the Word of God. On this Rock the church is built. Each member recognizing for themselves Christ the Son Of God as did Peter. With the excitement of a happy child Jesus said with a thrill in His voice. Flesh and blood have not revealed it to you but My Father in heaven. Up on this Rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

We don’t want to hear the adulterated word according to popular customs and traditions of great men and women in their time. We want to be and do greater in the righteousness of our time. To build and to grow in stature with God and man. Not to tear down and replace but to erect milestones to the glory of God along the way. Using the same Word with a better understanding of who Jesus was and is today. Not as a humble Galilean preferred among His fellows, but Him who now sits in Glory. Causing us to do greater in righteousness calls us higher. Nothing less won’t do in the ever increasing and powerful house of God.



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