The Marriage Of One

Why do men have nipples on their chest? Did Adam have big boobs? Google can’t answer that. It can only speculate after the fact. My wife laughed at me for asking? Haven’t you ever wandered? No she replied laughing, why do you? Well I went jogging and my whole upper body felt like jello. She laughed even more, welcome to my world.

Large nipples can be a problem for some teenage boys. We could bench press an Elephant and not gain an inch of muscle. Curling ten pounds across from the Hulk curling a hundred. Anyway, so much for that. The concept of a human being is so much more.

So great a error to believe that heaven is populated according to the marriages of Adam & Eve. The angels defile themselves in pride and with the daughters of men, the Earth is defiled in crimes against humanity.

God did not defile Adam by Eve they are one flesh as God is of One Spirit and those who worship must worship in spirit and in truth. To worship as a man or as a woman is a limited mode for carnal minded people. Thus the necessity to sanctify ourselves with the clenching of the Word. There it’s no longer I but Christ that lives in me reproducing after Himself in likeness of God. As it was said, let us make man after our likeness. Male and female created He them. Then Adam said bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, yes!! There is so much more to a marriage.

The definitive power of the masculine gender illustrates the power of God in all creation for her love, the grace and the mercy is as of a godly wife tending her children as a godly husband tends for his wife. Husband love your wife is a feminine characteristic not intended for war but a peace not know in this world.

When a mother says to her child, go ask your father. The Father should never respond, go ask your mother. That child will gather their own conclusions on who and what life is, God included.

God the Father Son and Holy Spirit is complete as One. One Lord and Emanuel. Who became personal to every individual man, boy, woman and girl. First in ministry to the house of Israel and then to the furthest regions of the Earth. Behold the Lord our God is one God producing after His own kind and likeness is the marriage of One complete in the foreknowledge of God.



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