My personal Sentiments

Everyone should be able and be ready to give an account of why we believe in the way we do. For an involuntary belief is the same as believing or not believing that faith without works is dead. At the end of time everything besides a personal answer is the second hand information of someone’s personal faith to believe.

Jesus said what He heard of His Father God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. Propagated we are saved by the word of our own testimony and by the shed blood of Jesus. No one is personally responsible without a personal experience with the source of their belief. That is a personal revelation of God bonding us to the works of Christ. Everyone who hears and believes will have had an experience with the Spirit of God personally. Saved and baptized in the the Holy Spirit. Traditions of men nullifies a relationship with God the Father Son and Holy Spirit as intended the Genesis. The tree of Life awaits our redemption as Hell enlarged itself from the beginning.

You’ve got to be in it to win it at better odds than winning the lottery. Played by millions for a winning ticket. Faith in God is a life long warrantee of a prepare place so that where I am you may be also.


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